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TESLA project fits with all selected features throughout the review and dissemination of joint analysis of case studies coming from each partner in each workshop:


In workshop in Estonia we will review the case study of existing EU policies linked with local multilevel governance practice and also we will produce a debate about how to walk from local to global and vice versa


In workshop in Italy we will review the case study in experiences in multilevel dialogue among European cities in Balkan regions and also we will debate on Multilevel Governance models, rules, derivations and adaptation under special circumstances (geographical, social and economic)


In workshop in Romania we will review the case study of social dialogue under relationships with neighbor countries as Ukraine and Hungary and also local and European social dialogue initiatives focused to fight social exclusion and volunteers involvement.


In workshop in Cyprus we will review the case study of social dialogue and multilevel governance practice to produce consensus and effective workplan to promote employment in tourism sector and, also, how they have done the engagement with European policies and how they have transfer their voice to European institutions (and vice versa). We will also identify good practices in training resources and IT tools for participation and multilevel governance communication


In workshop in FYROM, we will review the case study of local dialogue to promote local development and engagement of Municipality of Skopje and Private companies associated to local Chamber of Commerce. We will also produce a debate about clues for step by step Multilevel Governance implementation at local level


In workshop in Portugal we will review the case study of barriers in EU rules for local multilevel governance. We will also produce an open common EU cities Agenda for switch European Policies in Local social dialogue.


In workshop in Spain we will review the case study of how to host and set up accompanying measures for local social dialogue and transfer local voices to National and European Municipalities networks and viceversa.


Also TESLA will focus in following EU matters:


  • Equal Access. Project will be focused to find out best practices in local governance model which ensure a balanced integration and participation of citizens as well as underrepresented groups

  • Transnationality and intercultural dialogue. Project will be developed and implemented through the cooperation of partner organizations, coming from different participating countries, different languages and also giving the floor from participants from different countries and cultures to compare critically common key European topics and policies from different national points of view (employment, education, intergenerational participation, …).

  • Volunteering. Project will attend particularly about the key role of volunteers as an expression of active European citizenship. One of the project objectives is to produce a fruitful reflection about roles and approaches of volunteers in Local Government Platforms constituency and development

  • Participation of citizens in European policies design and institutions. Project will also attend to the European institutions & its outcomes (policies, directives, recommendations) and available ways and channels at local, regional & national level to transfer citizens´ points of view from Local Government Platforms.



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